::NEW:: Online courses in physical metallurgy now available

We now offer courses online, and will add new modules at a steady pace. Our first course is now available online, and you can register/enroll for a limited time at half price. Please use the following coupon code to get the discount: mtcphysmet1

What do we offer?

Midrandtec provides short courses in the following areas:

Metallurgical training

Courses in Metallurgy include:

Physical metallurgy and lab training, all foundry related, iron and steelmaking, heat treatment, melting - click on the image above for detailed information

Simulation training

Courses in Simulation include:

Simulation in general, introduction to available simulation software types and applications. Courses available in casting process simulation using Novaflow, solid and stress. Click on the image above for detailed information.

General engineering training

Courses in General engineering include:

Quality control. Mathematics for engineers, including related software aids and tools.


Who is a suitable candidate for our training?

We provide training across a wide spectrum of candidate profiles - regardless of your background we have and can provide training suited to your particular level of expertise: